Real Estate Agents

We at Zdenek Law Firm P. A. take our commitment seriously when it comes to assisting you and our mutual clients with the upcoming purchase of their home. We understand that as a real estate professional, your clients look to you for expert advice and recommendations regarding the choice of closing attorneys. By recommending our firm you are entrusting us not only with the representation of our respective clients but also to serve as a positive reflection on the total service you provide. All too often a reasonably smooth transaction can suffer unintended consequences due to a lack of efficient communication from the closing attorney’s office. It is our objective to effectively communicate with all parties involved, in a pleasant and timely manner, so that the ultimate goal of a seamless closing can occur.

In an effort to provide optimum service, we ask for your help in ensuring the return of the informational forms below:



within 5 days of scheduling the closing:

within 3 weeks of closing:

Engagement Letter

Seller Information Sheet

within 2 weeks of the scheduled closing:

Payoff Authorization

Close Equity Line Authorization