Much like Real Estate Agents, lenders are a primary source of referrals for our firm. Though there are plenty of collateral sources that the buyer may come in contact with during the home buying process, from termite inspectors and home inspectors to appraisers and insurance companies, we feel that there is a vital impact to the buyer in the relationship that exists among the agent, lender and closing attorney. This cohesiveness among the three parties go a long way in making the difference between a pleasurable experience for the buyer and one that is less than pleasurable. To that end, we aim to form and maintain relationships with lenders so that we may increase our productivity and efficiency that comes naturally with repeated experiences with the same parties. We regard our relationship with lenders and agents as that of a team, all focused on the same goal of providing a high level of services to the customer. It is our belief that what sets apart one lender or agent or attorney from any other is that party’s commitment to satisfying the needs and desires of our respective client.

To accomplish the goals cited above, we at Zdenek Law Firm are committed to providing the lender unparalleled service including the following:

More importantly though, we understand and can appreciate events that occur beyond the control of the lender or borrower that may necessitate a need for our firm to accommodate the borrower or lender despite the occurrence of that event.

Again, we are a team and as part of that team, we want to be there for you when you need us. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that we may be able to assist you with.