For many of us, the sale of our home can carry with it a wide range of emotions. Often sentimental, sometimes stressful, and always unique, we at Zdenek Law Firm are sensitive to these facts and aim to provide you with the peace of mind that will hopefully go a long way toward alleviating any concerns you may have associated with your sale.

You will find below all of the forms necessary to ensure a smooth and worry free sale of your property to the new owner. The Seller information sheet (SIS) and the authorization letter forms will provide Sonia, our pre-closing coordinator, all of the information she will need to coordinate your side of the closing transaction.

Please be aware that pursuant to the terms of your contract with the buyer, you must provide documentation at or before closing that effectively transfers or conveys your interest in the property. Commonly referred to as a Deed and Lien Waiver, these documents must be prepared in conformity with North Carolina Law to effectively convey title. North Carolina Law allows us to perform this service on your behalf, or you can make other accommodations to prepare the requisite documentation. In the event we are not providing this service, please provide the documents, or at least a copy of the documents, two days prior to closing for our review. In either case, please provide your preference on the SIS so that we may plan accordingly. Our fee for preparing the Deed and Lien Waiver is $125.

If you have an outstanding mortgage(s) on the property, as most sellers do, we will handle obtaining the amount required to pay off the loan or loans. Such amount(s) will be itemized on the HUD-1 Settlement Statement and will be reviewed with you at closing. A copy of the payoff statement will be provided to you at closing as well. Because you accrue daily interest on your loan, and because the amount of the payoff check is typically a fairly large amount, it is our practice to express mail or wire all payoffs to the mortgage company. Our fee to do so is $25 per payoff. We also charge a $35 cancellation fee to ensure proper cancellation of your mortgage in the public records (Note: only one $35 fee will be charges regardless of how many mortgages need to be canceled). Barring any special circumstances wherein the seller may be involved in a bankruptcy, foreclosure, estates related to the death of one of the owners of the property, or other atypical situations , the above fees are the ONLY fees that Zdenek Law Firm charges the seller is a sales transaction. To get an idea of other fees associated with the sale of your home, please refer to the "FAQ's" page for other commonly asked seller questions. In the event your particular question is not addressed there, feel free to email Sonia ( and we will promptly address any concerns you may still have.


Seller Information Sheet

Authorization / Release Letter